EV Charging Rebates Now Available

Great news! DEC has introduced rebates for EV chargers, available to qualifying members. This development is especially exciting for those looking to set up EV chargers at their homes or businesses. Nonetheless, it's understandable that some members might have concerns about how these rebates are funded. To provide clarity on this matter, I believe it's essential to outline the precise source of funds that support these rebates.

Back in 2016, the state of Oregon initiated the Clean Fuels Program (CFP) as part of its efforts to curtail greenhouse gas emissions. The central objective of this program is to encourage the adoption of vehicles with lower emissions, including electric vehicles (EVs). An integral component of the Clean Fuels Program involves the generation of what are known as CFP credits. The generation of these credits can occur through various mechanisms, but in our case, a major portion of our credits is derived from the presence of EV chargers in our service area that utilize renewable energy sources. Notably, a significant proportion of our power, more than 90%, is supplied by the Bonneville Power Administration's (BPA) hydro complex. This hydroelectric source is a prolific generator of credits.

These credits can be either retained or sold. When sold, the resulting funds are designated for advancing clean energy initiatives. In the year 2022, we successfully sold slightly over $100,000 worth of these credits. A portion of these proceeds will be allocated towards installing chargers at the DEC office, addressing the expenses tied to promoting EVs, and funding the novel EV charger rebate program. We intend to sustain these EV rebates for as long as the Clean Fuels Program continues to provide financial support.

In conclusion, the introduction of EV charger rebates is a noteworthy development, made possible by the mechanisms established through the Clean Fuels Program. The revenues from the sale of CFP credits are being conscientiously utilized to not only incentivize the use of clean energy vehicles but also to support the growth of EV infrastructure.

Phil Bigler
Assistant General Manager

Photo by JUICE on Unsplash