Donations & Sponsorships

Cooperative Principle #7 — Concern for Community

Organizations seeking financial support for their causes and special events are encouraged to complete a Donation Request Form. Some of the qualities we consider when evaluating applications include:

  • money in a jarSuitability to the Douglas Electric Cooperative (DEC) mission to enhance the quality of life for its members.
  • Individuals or entities requesting donations must be located within the counties served by DEC.
  • To recognize applicants in more rural areas will likely not apply or benefit from donations as often as those in urban communities, preference will be given to a rural area application when all other factors are equal.
  • Donations and sponsorships are only available as budget allows.
  • Donations and sponsorships must comply with the DEC Donation Policy – Download the DEC Donations Policy (PDF).

We recommend you submit a request a month in advance of your need to receive the best consideration.

Donation Request Form

Fill out the Donation Request Form (PDF) online.

There are 2 ways to send this in:

  1. Print out and drop off at the DEC main office.
  2. Print out and mail to DEC at attention:

PO Box 1327
Roseburg, OR 97470