Tree Trimming Safety

If you’re getting ready to plant trees, bushes, or shrubs, please look around to see where overhead power lines may hinder their growth in the future. Call Douglas Electric Cooperative’s (DEC’s) right-of-way department for assistance on plant selection and placement. Remember that a 2-foot tall fir seedling will grow over 100 feet tall and 30 to 50 feet wide. The cost to maintain a tree like this for the duration of its life can be over $30,000.

After you’ve looked up, look down for underground service as well. Planting over underground utilities or planting cover to hide underground utilities makes an outage last longer and is unsafe for workers. To get your underground utilities located free of charge just call (800) 332-2344.

Are you planning to log a parcel of land this year? Be careful around power lines. Remember, “safe logging saves lives!” If there are DEC power lines in proximity to your harvest area please call for assistance and consultation. DEC will provide at no charge, technical expertise to help survey the hazards involved with power lines. Upon mutual agreement, DEC will schedule to fall hazardous trees at no cost. Only persons qualified to work near energized conductors should work around power lines!

Slash should not be piled and burned on power line rights of way. After your trees are safely harvested, be certain when replanting to observe dedicated easements and rights of way on the property.