Rebate Programs

The following is a current list of Douglas Electric Cooperative (DEC) rebate/incentive programs. If you have questions or need more information about these programs, please call (888) 883-9879 or email Efficiency Services Group.

Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural Programs are available on a case-by-case basis, depending on funding. Please call (888) 883-9879 for information.


Clothes Washers & Dryers

  • Must be ENERGY STAR® rated to qualify
  • Only front-loader clothes washers qualify, top-loaders do not qualify
  • Must provide receipt with model number, price, and date
Clothes Washer & Dryer Rebate Application

Ductless Heat Pumps

  • Pre-approval is required
  • Existing site built or manufactured homes
  • Existing forced air electric or existing zonal heat (baseboard, ceiling cable, wall, electric hydronic)
Ductless Heat Pumps Rebate Application

ENERGY STAR® Manufactured Homes

  • Only brand new manufactured homes with a permanently installed forced air electric furnace or heat pump qualify for this rebate
  • A copy of the Northwest Energy Efficient Manufactured (NEEM) Homes ENERGY STAR qualified compliance certificate must accompany this application
ENERGY STAR® Manufactured Homes Rebate Application

Residential Insulation

  • Audit and prior approval are required
  • Final inspection is required
  • Contractor final invoice(s), or your receipt(s) if self installed, showing existing and beginning and final R-value and total square footage of upgraded insulation
Residential Insulation Rebate Application

Residential Window & Door Replacement

  • Pre-approval is required
  • Final inspection is required
  • Contractor final invoice(s), or receipt(s) if self-installed, showing window measurements is required
  • Copy of one NFRC sticker for each window and/or door replaced or manufacturer window order confirmation with U-factor
Window & Door Replacement Rebate Application


Non-Residential Lighting

  • Audit and prior approval are required
  • Final inspection is required
  • Contractor final invoice(s) or your receipt(s) if self-installed required
  • Manufacturer cut sheets for installed equipment
Non-Residential Lighting Rebate Application

Why Our Rebate Programs May Differ From Pacific Power

Pacific Power customers pay a 3% tax on their monthly energy consumption. These funds go to an organization called the Energy Trust of Oregon (ETO). This organization is tasked with using the millions of dollars it accumulates to facilitate various conservation and rebate programs for Pacific Power customers.

DEC is locally owned and governed by its members. Our conservation program funds come not from a tax, but from Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), where we are allowed a discount based on the amount of power we purchase from them. That credit is available only if used to fund conservation programs. BPA establishes the eligibility criteria as well as the credit amount for these programs.

Program criteria may be different than ETO and credit amounts may be higher or lower depending on the measure installed or purchased.