Net Metering

In 1999, Oregon enacted a law enabling utilities to offer net-metering service to their customers, or in this case, electric cooperatives to its members. Net-metering facilities are certain generating resources with a capacity of up to 25 kilowatts, and can be hydro, wind, solar, or fuel-cell technologies.


solar panelsDownload our Net Metering Brochure (PDF) which describes the Cooperative’s requirements for the interconnection of net-metering facilities.

Our primary objective is that all net-metering facilities be interconnected safely and in accordance with all applicable codes and regulations without adverse effects to the electrical system or to other members. A secondary objective is that the costs associated with net-metering services are borne by those members requesting this service.

Also, the net-metering facilities must be located on the customer’s premises and used to serve the customer’s electrical demand (load).

Participate in Net Metering Program

If you are considering participation in the net-metering program, view the documents for all the details:

The next step will be to connect your contractor with our metering department to ensure proper installation and bi-directional metering.