Wildfire Mitigation News

Dear Members,
For the remainder of the fire season, weather conditions including wind speed, temperature, humidity, and fire risk assessments from agencies such as the DFPA and CFPA will guide our precautionary measures. In response to these factors, at times, we will set our protective devices to their highest sensitivity. Sometimes this will be for a short duration, sometimes longer depending on conditions. Be prepared.
In practical terms, this means we'll disable the self-healing features of our system. As a result, ordinarily harmless occurrences like bird contacts or falling limbs might now have the potential to disrupt power. It's possible that these outages could affect a larger number of people and take a bit more time to restore than usual.
We fully understand the inconvenience this can cause and it's far from our ideal operating scenario. However, these steps are crucial to avoid a much more serious situation - a potential wildfire.
During these challenging times, please remember to stay safe. Your patience and understanding are much appreciated. Thank you.