Suzi Armstrong


District 3

Can generally be described as the part of Melrose north of Doerner Road, Elgarose, Melqua, Cleveland Rapids, Lower Garden Valley, Umqua, Hubbard Creek, Kellog, and Tyee.

Suzi has been a Douglas Electric Cooperative (DEC) director since April 2020 and dedicated herself to learning about the electric business. She has over 20 years in banking industry, and experience in real estate. She believes in life-long learning and as a committed board member, Suzi completed an educational program through the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) and earned her Credentialed Cooperative Director Certificate in 2022.

Suzi is currently a mortgage officer at American Pacific Mortgage in Sutherlin. She also contributes to the community through her service as Administrative Assistant for the Kellogg Rural Fire District; Treasurer of the Douglas County Chapter of the Oregon Small Woodlands Association, she was recently appointed as Treasurer for the Oregon Small Woodlands Association and serves on the Southwest Regional Advisory Council Access and Habitat Board. Suzi is also a supporter of the Umpqua Community Center, FFA programs in Elkton and Oakland, and is a 35-year member of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Fleet Reserve Association, providing support for those in the Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard.

Suzi owns and co-manages 200 acres of small woodlands with grandson Trevor Armstrong. In 2021, the Armstrong household because a multi-generational home with the addition of Suzi’s mother, Martha Scott.