Suzi Armstrong


District 3

Can generally be described as the part of Melrose north of Doerner Road, Elgarose, Melqua, Cleveland Rapids, Lower Garden Valley, Umqua, Hubbard Creek, Kellog, and Tyee.

Suzi Armstrong is new (2020) to the Douglas Electric board. After graduating from Chula Vista High School in California and attending San Diego State University for 2 years, Suzi spent 20 years in the banking industry. She earned vice president and district manager positions with a state bank in California. In 1992, Suzi was president of a Chamber of Commerce for a community of 80,000 residents. Her community service includes being the head volunteer for a middle school free-enterprise system that allows students to study large and small business issues and to tour businesses.

Since moving to Oregon, Suzi has been a mortgage broker at American Pacific Mortgage in Sutherlin. Suzi’s community service in Oregon includes being a former board member for the Kellogg Rural Fire District. She continues to be the administrative assistant there. She is treasurer of the Douglas County Small Woodlands Association, a member of the Kellogg Grange, has done grant writing for the Umpqua Community Center, and is a supporter of FFA programs in Elkton and Oakland. She is a 35-year member of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Fleet Reserve Association, providing support for those in the Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard. Suzi owns and co-manages 200 acres of small woodlands with grandson Trevor Armstrong.