Weekend Heat

With all the hot weather predicted for the weekend, many of you are asking if we expect any heat-related power outages. The short answer is no. Although we are not used to seeing weather this warm this early in the season, this is by far not the first time that we have had to deal with heatwaves in our service territory. That being said, we do take fire danger very seriously and we do have a wildfire mitigation plan that we are following but based on the current weather forecast, humidity levels, and the Douglas Forest Protective Association fire danger level (medium) we do not expect any heat-related outages. As always, if you are ever without power, call (888) 420-8826 to report your outage.

Please, enjoy your weekend but make sure that you are keeping properly hydrated and wearing plenty of sunscreen. It may also be a good idea to check on friends and relatives who are more susceptible to heat to make sure they are doing ok.