Please Be Prepared

At Douglas Electric Cooperative (DEC) we do everything that we can to keep your power on but there are going to be times when you could be out for an extended period due to circumstances out of our control. Examples would be storms, loss of provider power, car accidents, or any number of other issues out of our control. If you require oxygen, a breathing machine, refrigerated medication, or any other medical device that requires power in order to keep you healthy, please make sure that you have some form of backup. Power is provided from the substation out to the end of the line and there is no real method to prioritize one member over another. A good analogy would be to picture the powerline feeding your home as a garden hose. If the garden hose is cut into 5 pieces, it does no good to replace the nozzle on the end if the rest of the hose is still in fragments. You have to start at the faucet and work your way to the end, repairing the leaks as you progress. The same holds true for restoring power to your house, repairs must begin at the substation and crews will work their way out from there. So, if you need power to maintain your health, please have a backup plan.

Thank You

-DEC Staff