Manager’s Message – May 2023

Grant Supports Wildfire Preparation

Keith Brooks headshotDouglas Electric Cooperative was awarded a $9.1 million grant from the U.S. Forest Service for rights-of-way work and lowering fire risk across our service territory.

In comparison, last year we spent approximately $1.6 million on our rights-of-way areas. DEC was the only Oregon electric utility awarded this grant.

I would like to acknowledge Assistant General Manager Phil Bigler and CFO Bill Reinhart for gathering all the information required to submit our grant application. I also want to recognize General Foreman Don Utley for working with Jensen’s Tree Service to document all the rights-of-way work we were already doing.

USFS grant funds will be paid throughout the next 5 years.

For the past several years, DEC has had three or four crews working on our rights-of-way areas. These grant funds let us add at least three more crews. As part of this project, we have an experienced local forester patrolling DEC service territory for potentially hazardous trees in the rights-of-way.

This grant application project was a team effort by your DEC staff and board members.

Look for Your Account Number

As part of our effort to increase Ruralite readership, 2 DEC member account numbers are hidden in each issue. If you find your account number in the magazine, call us at (541) 673-6616 or email to receive a $25 bill credit. This initiative supports the fifth cooperative principle— Education, Training and Information—as we share, learn and grow together.

Keith Brooks