Manager’s Message – January 2023

Board Member Elections

Dear Members,

Keith Brooks headshotIf you are interested in getting involved with your cooperative, director positions for Districts 3, 4 and 5 are up for election at the. next annual meeting at the Douglas County Fairgrounds April 1.

District 3: Incumbent Suzi Armstrong. This district can generally be described as Elgarose, Melqua, Cleveland Rapids, Lower Garden Valley, Umpqua, Hubbard Creek, Tyee and Kellogg.

District 4: Incumbent Robert Poage. This district can generally be described as Lower and Upper Smith River, west of Drain to the tunnel on Highway 38 (city of Drain not included), Anlauf and Curtin.

District 5: Incumbent Bill Jackson. This district can generally be described as Yoncalla, Hayhurst, Rice Hill, Scotts Valley and Elkhead.

Douglas District Counties 3, 4, and 5. Qualified applicants must file a membership nomination petition signed by 15 or more members who reside in the respective district. Petitions must be delivered to Douglas Electric Cooperative (DEC)  headquarters on or before January 31. DEC headquarters is at 1981 NE Stephens St., Roseburg.

If you would like information about the opportunities and benefits of getting involved, director qualifications and a nomination petition, call us at (541) 673-6616 or visit us at DEC headquarters.

Keith Brooks