Manager’s Message – August 2023

Summer Safety

Keith Brooks headshotSummer is here! Nice weather calls for barbecuing, swimming, community events and a variety of other fun activities. We are excited to see our members getting back together and enjoying great weather.

It’s also time to practice summer safety. Safety is always a priority at Douglas Electric Cooperative.

Please be aware of fire restrictions, including limitations on outdoor burning, machinery use and mowing during low, moderate and high fire danger. Visit the Douglas Forest Protective Association website for current information and restriction levels. Wildfires affect our communities, and they can spread quickly.

It is important to be able to evacuate during a wildfire. Prepare in advance with an evacuation plan for family, pets and livestock that includes gathering food, water and medicine. Consider creating a kit with three days of supplies, including nonperishable food, flashlights and a first-aid kit that can be carried with you.

Know and plan for medical electrical needs. Consider backup alternatives for lighting, communication, medical devices and refrigerated medicine. You may want to discuss a plan with your medical care provider.

Stay cool, and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated when temperatures climb. This summer, the Roseburg Senior Center hosts a daytime cooling center if needed. The weather conditions that trigger the opening of the cooling center include temperatures of 102º or higher, or 95º or higher with precipitation, humidity or wind.

We have beautiful lakes and rivers in our service area. We encourage our members to become familiar with water safety, including active adult supervision for children, learning to swim and use of life jackets by inexperienced swimmers and all boaters.

Stay safe, and have a wonderful summer!

General Manager Keith Brooks