Manager’s Message – August 2022

Material Shortages, Delivery Delays

Dear Members,

Keith Brooks headshotI want to let you know about a problem your cooperative is experiencing.

As a result of a shortage of materials and longer delivery times, Douglas Electric Cooperative members will be experiencing longer wait times for new services and service upgrades.

Our situation is not unique. There are similar challenges facing utilities across the Northwest and across the country.

Due to careful planning, we do not have a shortage of parts to maintain our system. However, we are experiencing delays with items we need to establish new services.

We are seeing significant price increases on items such as wire and pad-mounted transformers. New transformers are on order— and we expect deliveries throughout the year—but there may be significant wait times and increased costs beyond our control.

Transformers turn high-voltage power into lower voltages that can be used by homes and businesses. They are a critical part in delivering power to your outlets.

It usually takes 12 to 14 weeks to deliver transformers, and they usually cost about $1,500 each. Delivery is now more than a year out, and they are being quoted at $7,000 each.

Transformers are by far the most problematic piece of equipment, but we are seeing longer lead times and increased cost on a variety of items.

While the co-op has been able to manage demand for new services without significant delays thus far, we are trying to inform members considering new projects how they may be affected.

Rest assured, we will do what is necessary to safely keep the lights on. But until the supply chain crisis subsides, there could be delays for anything other than critical maintenance.

Keith Brooks