Underground System

If the system is to be underground, the member will provide the ditch and backfill:

  • The trench must be 42 inches in depth and at least 18 inches wide and meet specifications required by the Co-op and the National Electrical Safety Code.
  • The ditch will require 3-inch Schedule 40, gray PVC with 36-inch radius elbows and bushings on each end to be furnished by the member.
  • The member must provide a pull rope (minimum 1/4 inch) in conduit runs.
  • No non-electric utility facilities such as gas or sewer shall be placed in the ditches.
  • Gas or sewer ditches shall not be closer than 3 feet from inside edge to inside edge.
  • Water service may be installed in electric service ditch if prior approval is given by Douglas Electric.
  • Telephone may be placed at least 12 inches above and to one side of power line.
  • Douglas Electric must have vehicle access along entire length of ditch and access to any transformers, junction boxes, or any other above ground equipment.
  • Douglas Electric will inspect the entire length of ditch before any construction. The backfill must be completed up to grade (best to mound as the ditch will settle) before the line will be energized.
  • Douglas Electric's wire will be connected in the member’s meter base with connectors furnished by the member. If a temporary construction service is required, the member’s service panel must be within 10’ of the transformer.
  • Before you dig, call the Oregon Utility Notification Center for existing utility locations 811 or (800) 332-2344.