Service under this classification shall be available throughout the service area for all consumers. To non-residential consumers whose entire electric service requirements are supplied and whose loads have registered 1,000 kW or more. Loads exceeding 2,000 kW will be subject to negotiated conditions prior to installation of service. A power contract may be entered into for such loads. Load size shall be the average of the two greatest non-zero monthly demands established during the twelve (12) month period which includes and ends with the current billing month.

To non-residential consumers, 60 cycle, alternating current at such phase and voltage as the Cooperative may have available.

First 250 KWH per KW of billing demand – 7.2¢ per KWH
All additional KWH – 6.0¢ per KWH

$8.15 per KW for all KW of demand

The consumer agrees to maintain unity power factor as nearly practicable. The Cooperative reserves the right to measure such power factor at any time. Should such measurements indicate that the power factor during the billing period is less than 95%, the demand for billing purposes shall be the demand as indicated or recorded by the demand meter multiplied by 95% and divided by the percent power factor (reactive demand).

In the event the power factor for the billing is less than 60%, the demand for billing purposes shall be the reactive demand times 1.05.

The minimum monthly charge under this rate shall be based on $2.20 for each KVA of installed transformer capacity or fraction thereof required.

Where it is necessary to extend or re-enforce existing distribution facilities, the minimum monthly charge may be increased to assure adequate compensation for the added facilities. Where the minimum charge is increased in accordance with the terms of this section, additional energy and demand shall be included in accordance with the foregoing rate schedule.

In any twelve-month period, when request for disconnection and reconnection of service is made to avoid paying the monthly minimum charge, a reconnection fee totaling two months minimum charges shall be required prior to reconnection of the service.

Temporary service shall be supplied in accordance with the foregoing rate except that the consumer shall pay in additional to the foregoing charges the total cost of connecting and disconnecting service less the value of materials returned to stock. A deposit, in advance, may be required of the full amount of the estimated bill for service, including the cost of connection and disconnection.

Metering shall be done on the low voltage side of the transformer bank; and when transformers are furnished by the Cooperative, a loss factor shall be added to both demand and energy charges. If transformers are furnished by the consumer, a discount of ten percent (10%) shall apply to the demand and energy charges after loss factor has been added. The consumer shall provide the service wires required to take energy from the point of metering.

The Seller shall use reasonable diligence to provide a constant and uninterrupted supply of electric power; but if such supply shall fail or be interrupted, or become defective through an act of God, the public enemy, or by accident, strikes, labor troubles, or by action of the elements, or inability to secure rights-of-way, or other permits needed, or for any other cause beyond the reasonable control of the Cooperative, the Cooperative shall not be liable therefore.

All billings are issued monthly. All bills are due and payable upon receipt of statement.

Effective with the bills calculated after June 1, 2022