Line Worker

lineworker on power pole workingDEC is first and foremost, an electric utility and we rely heavily on our Line workers to keep our distribution system up and running. There is currently a nationwide shortage of lineman, which provides a great career opportunity for young men and women to enter the trade through the apprenticeship program.

Typically, a person starts their lineman career at DEC as a Groundman who is responsible for supporting the line crew at the direction of the crew foreman. After 12 months they can apply to become an Apprentice Lineman and if they are selected, they will begin their apprenticeship training. It generally takes 3-4 years to complete the necessary on-the-job training and formal coursework to become a Journeyman Lineman.

A Journeyman Lineman has completed the required training, coursework, and testing to be certified as a Journeyman and as such is qualified to maintain and repair the electrical distribution system at DEC. An employee must be a Journeyman Lineman to become a crew foreman.