Applications, Permits, & Inspections

  • An application for new service shall be filled out and the fees paid at the Roseburg office. Advanced payment, for new members, may be waived for non-commercial/industrial if the applicant’s Equifax rating is 2 stars or a letter of credit from a previous utility with acceptable credit history in the past 12 months. An existing member’s Co-op credit history will determine if an advanced payment is required. Applications expire one year from the date of application with all fees nonrefundable except deposit fees.
  • In order to receive a credit (up to $1,800) towards the cost of construction, a building or mobile home placement permit or completed worksheet from the Douglas County Planning Department, indicating septic approval is required.
  • Sign right-of-way easements as provided and/or permits as needed. Easements to be signed by all parties listed on Easement.
  • Any necessary contract or agreement furnished by the Cooperative including costs, fees, or monies which must be paid in advance.
  • Member shall provide and maintain all his/her facilities beyond point of delivery, except the meter.
  • Before connection can be made, the member must obtain an electrical permit and be inspected (Green tagged) by the Electrical Inspector.