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Phone Scammers At It Again

Telephone scammers are back in the area and they are pretty darn convincing. If someone calls you demanding that you pay your power bill or face disconnection, hang up immediately and call our direct line 541-673-6616. Do NOT give them any credit card, debit card or personal information. For more on these scammers, please tap and read this additional information.

Unclaimed Capital Credit Checks

For a current list of Unclaimed Capital Credit names, go to "Member Services" and drop down to "Capital Credits". When you click on that, you will find an explanation as well as the link to the members' names. If you have any problems accessing that section, please feel free to give us a call at 541-673-6616.

REACH Air Medical Services

REACH Air Medical Services has moved to Roseburg offering Discounted Membership Rates for all Douglas Electric Cooperative Members. Click here for more information.

Third-Party Payment Companies

Douglas Electric Cooperative does not endorse nor partner with any third-party web-based payment providers. Click here to see the various "Ways To Pay" options avialable to you ditectly from Douglas Electric.

What Is SmartHub?

This new website feature will allow you to make payments on your account, manage your electrical usage, and more! Take a look at our SmartHub Information Portal to get started!

Avian Protection Plan

A variety of birds use utility structures without consequence, however, large birds such as owls, hawks, and eagles are at greater risk of electrocution on utility structures. Electrocuted birds may interrupt electric service, start fires, and cause significant equipment damage. In addition, most birds are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, making it illegal to “take” these protected species. The U.S.