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New Construction Information


The following items will need to be provided by the member/consumer before service can be constructed and connected.

  1. An application for new service shall be filled out and the fees paid at the Roseburg office. Advanced payments for new members may be waived for non-commercial/industrial if the applicant’s Equifax rating is (2) two stars. An existing member’s Douglas Electric Co-op credit history will determine if an advanced payment is required.

  2. Building or mobile home placement permit or completed worksheet from the Douglas County Planning Department, indicating septic approval.

  3. Sign right-of-way easements as provided and/or permits as needed. Easements to be signed by all parties listed on Easement and shall be signed on the same date and time before a notary public. An additional notary certificate is required for parties who do not sign and have notarized simultaneously. The consumer will pay an additional filing fee of $25 if additional notary certificate attached.

  4. Any necessary contract or agreement furnished by the Cooperative including costs, fees, or monies which must be paid in advance.

  5. Member shall provide and maintain all his/her facilities beyond point of delivery, except the meter.

  6. Before connection can be made, must obtain an electrical permit and be inspected (Green tagged) by the Electrical Inspector.  Permits: 541-440-4559 Electrical Inspector: 541-440-4284

  7. If the system is to be overhead, the member will provide a 30-foot right-of-way by falling all trees and brush 15 feet on each side of the center line. Stumps can be no more than 3 inches high.

  8. If the system is to be underground, the member will provide the backhoed ditch and backfill. The trench must be 42” in depth and at least 18” wide. The ditch will require 3 inch Schedule 40, gray PVC with 36 inch radius elbows and bushings on each end to be furnished by the member. The consumer must provide a pull rope (minimum ¼”) in conduit runs. No non-electric utility facilities such as gas or sewer shall be placed in the ditches. Gas or sewer ditches shall not be closer than 3 feet from inside edge to inside edge. Water service may be installed in electric service ditch if prior approval by Douglas Electric. Telephone may be placed at least 12 inches above and to one side of power line. Before you dig, call the Oregon Utility Notification Center for existing utility locations. 811 or 1-800-332-2344

Do not build under, over or near the side of any existing overhead or underground power lines.

Designated employees must have access to our facilities during normal working hours and other times during outages.

If consumer alters the work to be completed from what was originally planned by the Cooperative and consumer, the Cooperative may charge the consumer for the additional cost of construction.

If consumer causes, by the consumer’s actions or inactions, the Cooperative’s cost of construction to be higher than it would be otherwise, the Cooperative may charge the consumer for additional costs.

Application Form